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Martec has provided tax and financial advice for nearly 20 years and has now increased its activities to assist families obtain probate and administer estates in a personal and sensitive manner.


Probate involves dealing with the financial and legal processes of preparing a detailed account of the assets of someone who has died. In nine cases out of ten, the executors (people defined in the Will) will be family who are going through varying degrees of emotional turmoil.


Probate has become a very laborious exercise: in particular the Revenue is requiring a much more detailed inventory of household goods than ever before. This has taken the process to a different level and increased the workload on executors, probate practitioners and solicitors alike.


There are now at least 12 different forms that have to be completed for all estates (which includes property) over £300K .


In our experience, executors are looking for three features in the handling of probate: speed, professionalism and sensitivity. They want the estate wound up and any money distributed quickly and efficiently, enabling the family to move on.

Most solicitors will charge on the basis of a combination of percentage of the estate, hourly rate and disbursements (charging you for what they spend in probate fees etc). Our service, as much as possible, is based on a fixed fee established from a combination of the nature and quantity of investments, value and complexity.

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