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What are our qualifications?


Firstly the major task is one of administration and collecting information often requiring numerous chasing calls to banks which are notoriously poor in providing information. This is gained by experience and diligence, integral parts of investment administration ~ which Juli Carey, our Probate specialist has been exercising for 20+ years with Martec.


Secondly there is the technical knowledge of Estate Administration which comes from Alistair Thomson's membership of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).


The final factor is sensitivity to explain things in a friendly unhurried way and help the family do the things they can do best to keep costs within reasonable limits. Handling the valuation and administration of personal effects is becoming a major task and one which we can help you to do yourself in an expeditious manner, thus reducing cost.


Our offer:


An initial meeting with the executors at no cost or obligation. Once we have assessed the scale of the task we will offer one of three levels of assistance: either to help you do it all yourself, prepare the forms for you from information provided or carry out the whole process for you.



Please call
Juli or Alistair on

Telephone: 01453 832562


Tel: 01453 832562   juli@martec.org